About me

I have always had a love and passion for animals and nature. After having the privilege of working for an environmental charity for 13 years, in early 2015 I had the opportunity to concentrate on and start working with my other passion - animals, and in particular cats. This led me to start my formal study of cat psychology and training and I also began volunteering at an animal shelter each week. Whilst at the shelter working with the cats, it upset me to find out that a lot of cats are surrendered due to behavioural issues that I believe could have been managed, or possibly even resolved, if cat guardians were aware there was help available.  My aim is to help you see the world through the eyes of your cat and to help you understand why your cat is behaving a certain way, so we can work together to develop techniques and strategies (using positive association and reinforcement) to help manage that behaviour - and so began What's Up PussyCat?


Growing up, my family always had between three and five cats living with us at any one time and I loved watching the changing relationships and dynamics of their daily lives. Up until May 2014, my partner and I shared 16 wonderful years with a very special cat called Tetu. Sadly, Tetu had kidney problems that eventually took his life. All cats are unique and special, and Tetu will never be replaced, but not long after, we were told about a young homeless kitten who was found on the street. Of course we wanted to help her and give her a loving home, so we adopted her and called her Karma. Around six weeks later, we heard of another homeless kitten who was found in a car engine and rescued by firefighters, so we also adopted her and called her Astara (aka Star). We rescued Karma and Star, but they also rescued us! Karma and Star are a constant source of love and fun - they also unknowingly help me learn more about cat behaviour everyday, which is a great help! It has been an invaluable experience having the pleasure of introducing them to each other and seeing their friendship blossom into the best friends they are today.

In September 2019, we adopted two rescue cats who are brother and sister who were 1 year old at the time - Onyx and Amber. Happily, they have settled in easily and we are currently doing a slow and controlled introduction to Karma and Star which is going really well!


Since June 2013 I have also been able to help Australian wildlife as a volunteer rescuer / carer and Possum / Small Mammal Coordinator for a wildlife charity. During this time, I have had the amazing experience of helping rehabilitate wildlife so they can be released back into their natural habitat. Of course, some rescues are heartbreaking as sadly the animals can't be saved. However, I try to focus on the positive that I am at least helping animals so they do not suffer any longer than necessary, and try to keep the many successful rescues and releases top of mind.


As you can tell, animals are a huge and important part of my life and I would love to help you and your cat(s) work through any issues, so you can live happily and harmoniously together!



Regina & Star

My Philosophy

Cats, people and other animals all living happily and harmoniously together in their homes.


To help people and cats with cat behavioural issues by affordable means, so that cats are not surrendered to shelters or given away.  


* Love, kindness and respect

* Compassion and empathy

* Education and support

My Training

 Certificates held: Cat Psychology & Training, Natural Health Care for Animals and certificates for various subjects on cat behaviour and training from The Pet Professional Guild.

Tel: 0415 525 139

What's Up

Based in Sydney, Australia

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