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Looking to adopt or foster cats / kittens? Please feel free to contact me as I can give you details of many rescue organisations who have lots of feline friends looking for their forever homes! 

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The indoor vs outdoor debate

Did you know the average age for an indoor cat is 15 years, while the average age for an outdoor cat is only 3 - 5 years? Not only is it safer for your cat to stay indoors, it also benefits our wildlife and helps stop the spread of infectious diseases between cats.


Many people think that in order to be happy, cats need to be outside to satisfy their natural instincts. This is not the case if you ensure that their indoor environment is cat friendly and you keep them mentally and physically stimulated so they are happy and well - this usually helps stop the start of any destructive behaviour too. Depending on your cat, you could also explore the option of a secure outdoor cat run / enclosure or to secure your backyard / verandah and create a safe cat haven. 


There are many toys and cat friendly pieces of furniture you can buy, make, or that you might just have lying around, that cats find extremely interesting and fun!

Whether your cat is indoors only, or able to go outdoors, it is always best for your cat to be desexed, microchipped and registered.  There are many benefits to desexing your cat - medical, behavioural and environmental. It also means fewer cats need to find their forever homes! 


Our beautiful girls, Karma & Star


Our gorgeous siblings, Amber & Onyx