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In-home or remote consultation?

If possible, an in-home consultation is the best option for any behavioural issue so I can meet you and your cat(s) and I can assess your cat by doing a general behavioural assessment (appropriate/individualised for your cat and their temperament) and also see their environment; it also helps me to understand the logistics involved while we work together. If there are aggression or relationship issues of any kind between cats and/or humans/other animals or an issue such as urine spraying, an in-home consultation is always best, if at all possible. 

Due to Covid, from June 2021 until February 2023, I successfully helped cats via remote consultations only. Remote consultations are better for some timid cats as I am not 'invading' your cat's territory. Since I started doing in-home consultations in 2015, I have met many different types of cats and helped with a wide range of very complex behavioural issues. Conducting in-home consultations has given me a wealth of experience and knowledge (that you can't necessarily get just by reading a book, studying or doing remote consultations) and enables me to give you the best possible chance of success via a remote consultation. Please contact me if you are not sure which type of consultation would be best for your cat and we can run through your cat's issues and your situation so you can decide. 

Our beautiful girl, Amber.

Our beautiful Amber

What's Up PussyCat can help you with your cat's behavioural issues.
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