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July 2023


The Local Business Awards, St George. 


It was lovely to be a finalist in The Local Business Awards. Whilst I didn't win (which is perfectly fine with me!) I was so chuffed and thankful for all of your votes.  Also, a huge thank you to all of my amazing clients for entrusting me to help you and your cat(s). Thank you! 




October 2022 

ABC Radio 

It was great to be asked to do a live Q & A session on ABC Radio by Alice Matthews about cat behaviour. Hopefully, it helps to raise awareness that cats need our help with behavioural issues and that there is help available, so fewer cats are rehomed or surrendered. My interview starts at around 1 hour and 4 seconds.

September 2022

The Daily Telegraph

It was a lovely surprise when a journalist asked me to feature in an article as one of NSW's leading animal behaviourists! It is great to have cat (and parrot and horse) behaviourists included as a lot of people think only dogs can be trained and / or helped with behavioural issues. Thankfully, the word is now getting out that other animals can also get behavioural help and be trained. 


NB: If you can't access the article via the link below, please click on the pdf icon (available on PC and laptop only).




July 2020


As a lot of people have been working from home during Covid-19, I was asked to contribute to an article on how we can help prepare our cats when we leave them to go back to work.

June 2020

ABC Life

During Covid-19 a lot of people were home more - great for most cats and animals! I was asked to contribute to an article on helping prepare your cats being home alone again for longer amounts of time.

Link below to the ABC Life article:

April 2020

The Daily Telegraph 

A journalist asked for my comments on a recent report regarding cats and separation anxiety.

July 2019

​​​ABC Life

A journalist from ABC Life contacted me to help contribute to an article on training cats. It's great that there is more awareness out there now that cats can be trained and that there is help available for cats with behavioural issues! 

Link below to the ABC Life article:

ABC Radio, Perth

ABC Radio Perth also invited me to talk to their afternoon presenter, Gillian O'Shaughnessy on cat training.

October 2019

ABC Radio Darwin

ABC Radio Darwin asked me to be involved in a live interview about the new by-laws that have been introduced in Darwin - cats must now be securely contained on your property and only allowed off your property on a harness or similar. 

You can listen to my interview from 37:50 mins - 46:35.

July 2017

Pets Magazine

I was again asked to contribute to Pets Magazine, this time with an article on how to enrich your cats' life - Boredom Busters. Keeping your cat mentally and physically stimulated is a must!

October 2016

Pets Magazine

Pets Magazine contacted me regarding a contribution on harness training for cats in an article - as long as your cat is a good candidate, harness training and going on walks can be great for cats. Although, please keep in mind that not all cats are suited to this. Please feel free to contact me if you would like help assessing your cat and to train your cat.

Local Business Awards Finalist, 2023
What's Up PussyCat can help you with your cat's behavioural issues.
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