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Consultation information


Terms and conditions for all services

*Rates for all services are subject to change without notice and new rates will apply at the time of booking unless your consultation is already booked and confirmed.

*To secure and hold your booking, payment for remote consultations is to be paid in full within 48 hours of the behavioural assessment form being emailed to you. For an in-home consultation, a deposit of $150 is to be paid within 48 hours of the behavioural assessment form being emailed to you and the balance is to be paid at the consultation. 

*Payments for consultations are refundable up until 48 hours prior to the consultation date; less a $20 cancellation fee for remote consultations or $50 for an in-home consultation. This is to cover holding the date and work already done assessing your cat's behavioural assessment form and formulating a draft treatment plan. If you need to reschedule the consultation, there is no charge.  

Covid safe plan

I want to keep everyone as healthy as possible, so please note the following criteria for an in-home consultation: 

* Everyone in your home must be free of any cold / flu-like symptoms. I will also be free of any cold / flu-like symptoms or our consultation will be rescheduled.

* Please reschedule our consultation if you or anyone in your home have been in close contact with a positive COVID case within the last 10 days.

* I will wear a mask and it is requested that rooms be as well-ventilated as possible during the consultation.

Thanks for your understanding.  

In-home consultations

By doing only one in-home consultation a day, I am able to ensure that I don't smell of any other cats/animals when I come into your home and that strict hygiene standards are followed.    


Our beautiful boy, Onyx

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