Over the years, I have received lots of lovely thank you emails, testimonials, and recommendations from my clients. I have selected some of these and shared them below to give an idea of the various issues I have helped people and cats manage. More reviews can also be seen directly on Facebook, True Local, and Google.

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Highly, highly recommend for any behavioural problems one's cat may have. Ours was exhibiting symptoms of Pica, as well as being prone to door dashing & excessive Zoomies. Not only was Regina very pleasant to deal with, but her advice & detailed, personalised treatment plan yielded great results in a matter of weeks. She was even kind & attentive enough to check in during the interval between the two consult sessions.

Overall a very gratifying & educational experience. Thank you again, Regina!

Richard & Lea, Sydney

I adopted Bella as a 2-year-old from a no kill shelter in February 2021. By October that year we were kicking along well but there were a couple of residual behaviours that were driving me nuts. I was thinking that I might have to rehome her and that was making me feel even worse because she'd already been through enough. I decided as a 2022 New Year's present to both Bella and me, that I'd contact Regina for a phone consultation. I'm so glad that I did, it was money and time well spent. Bella is a new kitty and I have learned how to interact with her in ways that are more sensitive to where she came from and also what she needs. Bella is so much happier and that makes me happy too. Thank you so much Regina, your advice and checking in with me to see how we're going was amazing. 

Diane, Sydney. 

I can’t recommend Regina enough, I have a very needy anxious ragdoll who liked to go to the toilet on things other than in her kitty litter. Having a baby on the way I was super worried how I would cope, plus how they would cope. I reached out to Regina a few weeks before I was due and she helped me get Sooty back on track and using her kitty litter again. She also helped me with strategies to help the cats cope with having a newborn in the house as they don’t like children and usually run and hide as soon as someone comes through the front door. Regina is such a lovely caring lady and always checking in on me to see how everything is going. I would definitely recommend if you have any issues contact Regina because she can fix the problem, don’t suffer like I originally did. My only regret is I didn’t find Regina sooner.

Stacey, Sydney.

Regina from What's Up PussyCat is a true professional, who not only possess extensive knowledge and experience about cats, but also great empathy, patience and understanding towards cat owners' stress and anxiety caused by their beloved feline members at home.


I have been a long-time cat owner and admirer but was truly stumped when my new kittens were not acclimating to their new fur-ever home. I read blogs and YouTube videos but was still at a total loss and beginning to feel defeated when I came across 'What's Up PussyCat' website. Regina was quick to respond to my plight and scheduled a home visit where she listened to my issues, observed the environment, assessed and gave me great advice on how to manage the kittens. She has taught me so many new things about cat psychology! She had really opened my eyes to new perspectives (yes, the cat's) and that was a real game-changer for me!! Needless to say, my kitties are getting along much better now and have really settled down to a nice routine. Regina continues to check in with us from time to time and continues to give me valuable tips! She genuinely cares about our fur-kids.


I highly recommend her services to anyone who may be struggling with cats/kittens issues at home.

Joyce, Ryde

I highly recommend Regina! My cats were up all night meowing, howling and being destructive. Thanks to Regina’s advice and recommendations, we made some changes and now both cats sleep all night long. I couldn’t be happier with the service Regina had provided! Best money I’ve ever spent!!

Jess, Sydney

We are so grateful for the support we have received from Regina! When we contacted her, our 2 year old rescue cat Molly was struggling with a number of issues: she was waking us 6-8 times in the night, scratching at the carpet, urinating around the house, and showing some aggression towards my partner and I. We felt we had tried and exhausted so many options and felt concern about the sustainability of the situation if the issues weren't resolved. Regina was very quick to reassure us. I was amazed at how many solutions she provided and how quickly these worked. I was worried that the solutions might require considerable time and energy, but Regina was very practical and mindful of our needs, as well as Molly's needs, which ensured that strategies were achievable. As well as a sense of relief, I felt an enormous sense of joy that Molly was finally settling and her anxiety was subsiding. With Regina's support, Molly no longer urinates inappropriately, she sleeps soundly with us through the night, she is a happier and more gentle cat. Molly now channels any "craziness" into positive play rather than aggression and we better understand Molly's cues.


Regina has also provided us with advice for a recent house move, and Molly did swimmingly. We can enjoy Molly, and she enjoys us - and that's the greatest support Regina provided us. We can't thank her enough!


Maddie, Sydney


I have nothing but praise for Regina. We called Regina as a last resort after we couldn't seem to stop our cat from urinating on the carpet. We weren't confident anything could change his behaviours but knew trying something was better than giving up. Regina came out for an in-home consult and was patient, calm and so attentive to our cats. She spent time with me and the cats going through their routine, learning their behaviours and the layout of our home before making suggestions. She talked through everything step by step and made sure I understood why the methods she was suggesting were important. That day, I made the changes Regina suggested and the effect of that was almost instant. I saw our cats behaviour change, he started using his litter right away and we are now three weeks incident-free. The difference this has made not only to our cats, but also to the overall atmosphere of my household, is enormous - I can't thank Regina enough. Would highly recommend.

Sarah, Sydney


We reached out to Regina to help with our two shelter cats who don't get along too well (and one which is very food obsessed). Our consult with Regina was very informative and helpful - we saw a change in our cats behaviour and interactions with each other almost immediately. We now (mostly) have an uninterrupted nights sleep thanks to the strategies she shared with us.


We felt Regina is great value and that she provides a great level of detail. Her pre consult questionnaire on top of the consult and correspondence left us feeling like all our concerns and the full history of our cats had been taken into consideration. Her love for cats is evident and we couldn't recommend her service highly enough. Thanks Regina!

Lauren, South Coast

Couldn't be happier with the help Regina provided me and my cats.

One of my cats developed a litter tray aversion after some GI issues and after months of me attempting to solve the problem on my own, Regina had it all fixed in a day. My only regret is not booking in sooner!

Justine, Wollongong

Regina helped us get our established cat to bond with a new kitten, we weren't sure if they'd ever be able to get along at all but with Regina's help via phone, email and sending videos of their interactions they're now bonded and play with each other all day.


Great value for money and a very empathetic person who understands the stress owners go through when things don't go right with their pets. Highly recommended.

Colin, Sydney


I would highly recommend Regina service. We recently brought home our new born baby girl, unfortunately our Burmese cat was in shock and not showing welcoming signs. Not like the cat we know.

We contacted Regina on a Friday afternoon, she responded by email straight away and did a phone conference the next morning. Regina provided us with tips and a strategy. Fast forwarded two weeks and both Baby & Cat are laying beside each other fully comfortable.

Regina also check in to make sure everyone was okay over the past two week period. Highly recommend Regina. 

Nathan, Sydney


Regina has been amazing at helping my cat household live in harmony again. Her strategies were spot on and she was always there for extra support and advice post home visit. My three babies are now much happier together, all sleep on the bed at once again and I've even taught them to sit, stay and come! Thanks so much Regina for making a huge difference in our lives :)

Lee, Castle Hill

Regina was fantastic! We have a kitten that had a very bad start to life and Regina showed us some wonderful strategies to support our beautiful girl. We saw a change almost overnight and I would highly recommend her services. She knows cats!

Marina, Vaucluse


Our wee cat Wilbur had been eliminating outside of his litter tray for around 6 months. We had tried a lot of methods to stop this to but had no continued success. Wilbur was also very active overnight, often clawing the bedhead and carpet around the house.

Following Regina's visit, Wilbur's issues with his litter tray completely stopped within less than two days - we haven't had a problem since. Within about a week Wilbur also began sleeping through the night, and waiting for us to get up before requesting a pat and breakfast. Wilbur is also now a noticeably happier and more relaxed cat.

If you need assistance with your cat get in touch with Regina - we wish we had done it months earlier!

Michael, Naremburn


Regina's advice has been invaluable in settling in our adopted girl Polly. Polly was an older cat when we got her, and transitioning to a new home with new humans was pretty stressful for her. She was very timid, and didn't interact with my partner very much. With a few changes and routines, she has completely come out of her shell and is a beautiful, calm and affectionate family member. She loves to play and as an 11year old, we don't think she acts her age at all! I'd highly recommend Regina. She is skilled and also very generous with her time, ensuring everything is going well with lots of follow up.

Sarah, Central Coast

I cannot begin express our gratitude to Regina for all her help and advice introducing our new cat to our resident cat, however I will do my best.


Feeling like our beloved 3 yr. old rescue cat Selina would benefit from a fur friend, we contacted Hunter Animal Rescue and met and fell in love with Harley. Both cats were similar age, both had litters young and both are playful, so we thought a perfect match!

Sadly that was not the case, although we introduced them slowly following all the hints and tips we found online, Selina was aggressive towards Harley and it was distressing the whole household.


Over the next 4 weeks, Selina was still slapping and hissing at Harley (though the baby gate separating them) we did not want to risk having them in the same room as we did not want to risk either cat getting hurt. I was so upset and defeated and one night I googled ‘Cat psychologists near me’ and was overjoyed to find Regina. After some emails back and forth we had a phone consult (due to COVID-19) which changed everything for the better! Regina helped us implement routines that saw the girls form a bond and within 3 weeks of that initial call both cats have free run of the house, often playing and exploring together.


I admit reading the reviews I was sceptical, now I can truly say all the glowing reviews are 100% correct and true. I could not be happier and so highly recommend Regina’s services to anyone having cat behavioural issues, we truly would not be in the positive place we are now without her help. My two beautiful girls are testament to the Cat Whisperer Regina and her feline expertise!


Thank you so much for everything xxx 

Rachael, Newcastle

Regina has been nothing short of a star. She has been so patient with me as I learnt more about cat behaviour and has shared so much knowledge that has helped us overcome some behavioural issues. My cats’ anxiety has markedly reduced thanks to her professional knowledge and recommendations. She supported me through the stressful and frustrating parts of the process and in the end, I couldn’t be more grateful that she was always there to assist me to improve my cats’ lives. I can never thank her enough. If your cat is displaying problematic behaviour, please above all else, first consider contacting Regina. She has been our saviour.

Hilana, Sydney


We definitely recommend Regina as a knowledgeable, passionate cat behaviour specialist. She has been incredibly supportive, both in terms of advices and strategies for our fur friends, and in terms of moral support for us hoomans, regularly checking in with us to offer help way beyond the initial consultation.

It feels she genuinely loves cats and cares for them to be as happy as possible. We are very grateful for her help and gladly spread the word about her awesome work.

Frederica, Rockdale

Regina is an absolute pleasure to deal with. She is organised and highly responsive. My 10 year old cat had been urinating on our furniture for about 8 years and it was just getting worse to the point that we were living with sheets and barricades all over the home. With some small and simple changes to the environment and positive reinforcement its been almost 2 months with no issues.


My cat is happier and more confident and so is my partner.  Highly recommend!


Melanie, Potts Point

Recently I was talked into bringing two kittens (what my kids call COVID-19 kittens) into our already crazy house of five humans and a dog all trying to work and school from home.


I've had cats before (and so many other animals: birds, chooks, horses, lizards, rabbits, fish, turtles etc.) so knew what I was getting into, so I thought.  All our cats before had come together as kittens (all animal shelter cats, bar one very aloof and not that friendly Burmese) and had been from the same litter.  So when they arrived all my previous kittens were already bonded and happily curled up together in front of the fire (fake fire) from day one.


This was not the case for my two new little boys.  The animal shelter was totally snowed under and literally threw them out across the door to us (due to COVID-19 restrictions we couldn't go in, so spoke to the women through masks and at a distance).  Their advice was keep them apart for a couple of days, exchange their scents on blankets etc. and then bring them together, they'll be fine.


Unfortunately, they weren't fine.  One kitten was an only child and had been fostered with humans only - this is our big kitten (Toby) and he was 14wks old at the time.  The little kitten was one of seven kittens and knew how to play nicely with other cats and was only 9wks old at the time (Milo).  So there was an age and size difference and the ability to socialise and moderate play was only something our big kitten was learning through Milo and since he came to live with us.


When we first introduced them, it was chaos.  Toby chased (hunted down) Milo and bit and scratched him until Milo cried.  At no time was this aggressive from Toby's perspective (or so it looked) Toby had never played with another kitten before and didn't know the rules.  We tried this a couple of times (with lots of you-tubing and talking to the vet) however within minutes we were all distressed and poor little Milo was being beaten up and not having much fun.


At that point (mid COVID-19 locked down) my stress levels went through the roof, my husband was blaming me for more chaos (already blamed for bringing in more children and animals to our lives than he would have liked!!) so I googled cat trainers Sydney and found Regina and What's Up Puss.


We had a couple of phone sessions with Regina, where she advised us on toys, and strategies to bring them together slowly such as paw play through the door.  For the next 4 weeks really, the cats played most of the day through the door in paw play with the occasional short supervised play (my girls and I armed with wand toys and chicken and tuna to treat good behaviour).  Most importantly between these phone consultations, Regina was available the whole time, providing email feedback, comments to videos I'd send etc. and giving me positive feedback that YES we would get there.


I'm writing this testimonial almost 5 weeks since we've had our little lions or little gentlemen as I like to call them and they are playing behind my laptop, on the desk, the occasional paw hitting the keyboard, but they are happy and so cute together.  They can play REALLY rough (and Milo still cries when it gets out of hand) but Toby has learnt to back off and they both take lots of breaks during their play.  When they're not playing, I can't believe it, but they are sleeping next to each other, or embraced in front of the fire (fake fire)!


Regina kept up my confidence and gave me the assurance that they did like each other and would become good friends - which they definitely are now.


I highly recommend using Regina for any cat issues and I know that she's always there if I need any advice.


Lisa, Marrickville (skin mother to two fur baby boy kittens)

Highly recommend Regina’s services! All her suggestions and toy recommendations were so spot on. She’s very intuitive and you can tell she loves what she does and is great at it too! A true cat whisperer.

She taught me some really practical and easy techniques to help my 3 kitties get along better and enrich their lives more with some awesome toys and play styles. I’m more intuitive to my cats needs now and my cats are happier than ever! Thanks Regina 🐈🤗🙏

Emelye, Petersham. 

It’s been three years now since Regina helped us with our two ginger boys! Not a day goes by where I don’t think about how much she’s done for us.
I’ve been meaning to leave a review and something always comes up and I forget. I did personally email her thanking her but I needed to convey how appreciative I am of her.

Honestly, we have a happy home now and the boys are constantly playing with each other. It’s so sweet to see how they differ in personality and how well they get along despite their differences. For an instance, Biscuit loves to sleep all day and Logan loves to play so Logan enjoys annoying biscuit by jumping on! it’s so lovely to watch our boy interact and it’s all thanks to Regina.

An abundance of love and gratitude to you 💕

Sumaiya, West Hoxton.

I feel like anything I say will not express my gratitude to Regina for what she has done for my cats, but I'm giving it a go! This review has been in my head for a long time.

Saying Regina is incredible is the understatement of the century. The strategies she recommends are always tailored to the cats. It isn't a one size fits all, and Regina understands that. Not only has she helped me make my cats feel more comfortable at home, but she's done that for me as their human secretary.

When I reached out to her, I was desperate. I had just adopted my third cat, who was older and set in her ways with quite possibly a difficult past, and she was incredibly defensive and not getting along with my other two regardless of what I did to try to introduce her. I had contacted another vet behaviourist who encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing (with no alterations to the strategies I was already doing and finding no luck in) and recommended medicating my cats and rehoming Scarlet as an option. As you can probably expect, I didn't like those last two options and immediately went searching for another behaviourist, where I found Regina.

My case has taken over a year to even settle due to having three stubborn cats with various personalities, their confidence and my own. Regina is incredibly patient. She emails and phones, touching base numerous times a month. I can't count how many times I've emailed Regina in a panic because something had happened with my cats (honestly, nothing bad) and I felt I had done something wrong by them. She is always contactable and always willing to help out, even with something that isn't a part of the main problem.

When Regina comes over, she's incredibly patient with the cats and always takes her time. She gave me various strategies to implement by looking at my cats' behaviours, my house, and the different things I had available. She doesn't simply tick boxes. She ensures everyone is comfortable with what she's proposed and gives alternatives just in case. I've raised other issues with her as well and she has helped me implement them despite the fact I only asked for help bringing my cats together.

My cats are a lot happier because of the strategies we put in place over the year. Although it has been slow moving, it has been worth it. Iris, who isn't quite as confident, is now a cat who enjoys her play time when she didn't before and seeks it out. Her secret? She loves a brush, and Regina and I used that in the place of food. Scarlet is now a lot calmer than she was when I got her, and doesn't chase after my other two because she sees them. She's actually changed so much personality-wise towards my cats and myself, and I'd like to credit the time and strategies we put in place for that. I now understand her a lot more than I did before. And my Ruby is simply more of a menace (a good one!) than before and has grown even more confident, too.

I honestly recommend Regina to everyone who has a cat problem. Not only has she helped my cats settle in, she's educated me and helped me understand them. I am very grateful she never gave up on my three amigos and kept offering advice, encouragement and solutions to some of the issues I was having. I am very grateful to her that medication and rehoming was never an option; it was always a worst, worst case scenario, but despite all the setbacks we had, I was never told to consider them. I find this to be incredibly telling about the type of behaviourist and cat guru Regina is.

From Iris, Ruby, Scarlet and their human secretaries, thank you Regina for believing in all of us!

Taryn, Erskine Park. 

Oh my goodness!  Can it really only be this time last week that I felt completely lost, hopeless and a bad mother?   Embarrassed to even share with my vet that my baby boy had begun pooping on my bed?  What had I done to create this?  Where to turn?

Google search helped me find whats-up-pussy-cat and the gorgeously empathetic Regina.  What a blessing!

I feel so happy, grateful, thankful for her generously given love, support and superb kit-know-how. 

With her patient unravelling and text support, little Alfie is now on his third day of perfectly positioned poop and we are praising him like crazy! He is loving it and so are we! 

He is repaying us by being back to his beautifully affectionate nature and our family is restored to it’s earlier calm and cuddles!

Thank you so much, Regina.  Truly!  Heartfelt thanks!

Shelley, Gav and The Alfster xxx, Jervis Bay

When we contacted Regina about our sweet but very noisy cat’s behaviour … I was a little skeptical whether anything could be changed. After 7 years of screeching for food at the top of her lungs, scratching the door to wake us up and sitting for hours whining before meals I was sure Frankie’s behaviour was set in stone.

Regina was so nice and patient with us all and spent over 2 hours in person, talking with us about Frankie’s behaviour, health, food, and everything in between. The changes in Frankie were surprisingly fast. By the first night Frankie was way quieter … and it kept improving from there. Regina kept in touch with us regularly, checking in on Frankie’s progress. She advised up on the best toys to get and anything else we needed along the way. Frankie had never played for more than 5 seconds at a time without getting bored but Regina showed us some toys that make Frankie run around going crazy for over 5 - 10 mins - which is amazing! Regina was with us at every step of the way to advise us and tell us how to tweak what we were doing to get continued progress with Frankie.


All I can really say is Regina is INCREDIBLE. I constantly thought about how many years longer I would have to put up with this painful behaviour, and whether we should medicate her, which I really didn’t want to do. Regina showed us that with some small behaviour tweaks (from me and my partner) we could completely change Frankie’s behaviour … almost instantly. I can’t thank Regina enough for giving us back some peace in our house … and I really hope anyone who is on the fence about the value of what Regina does, calls her up and books her immediately because it is 100% worth every cent. Thank you Regina!! We can’t thank you enough

Elisa & Raph, Bondi

Regina is absolutely incredible, I was so desperate when I contacted her regarding my cat who was displaying behavioural issues after a recent move and being transitioned to an inside cat after having spent the first 4 years of his life outdoors. Within days Ginger made a drastic improvement and I finally had my first night of full sleep in over a month. She also helped the relationship between ginger and his baby sister Luna as their first impressions of each other were not as hoped. They are now playing together and eating together and sleeping on my bed together. I am honestly so pleased with the changes in Gingers behaviour. Regina has an indispensable amount of knowledge on cats and having cats my whole life I thought I knew a lot about them but I quickly learnt sooo much more about them. As well as being a literal cat whisperer Regina is just an amazing person, she is so kind and passionate about what she does and checked in everyday after her visit to see how we were all doing myself included not just the cats. 💜


Rachael, Woolooware.


Regina helped us a little while ago with our two kittens. She was absolutely amazing! She has a huge amount of knowledge, tips and helpful strategies to assist with behavioural issues. I would definitely recommend her for any issues that arise!


Candice, Naremburn

Regina is amazing! She dedicates so much time to ensure you and your cats get the most out of her service. Her knowledge and advice is extensive and she absolutely sets you up for success after your first consult. Highly recommend. Wonderful person and cat expert.

Lauren, Kembla Grange

Regina has helped us tremendously over the past few months with our cats behavioural and polar opposite issues - one loves scratching the TV, mirrors, and keeps us awake at night, the other hides from everyone and is super timid! With Regina’s techniques we’ve seen great improvements in our cats and cannot thank her enough for her commitment and passion for cats and their humans.

Christina, Castle Hill

Amazing! Cannot recommend Regina enough! She’s very knowledgeable and a lovely person. Really helped my kitten with his behaviour issues, he’s a changed cat! 😀😀 thank you so much for all your help and guidance.

Bree, Edensor Park


A few months ago I adopted a rescue cat and soon realised I was out of my depth. Jasper was constantly biting, scratching and attacking and seemed generally stressed. After speaking to Regina on the phone i knew she was the one who could help us. Regina came to my home and did a thorough consultation with us. From the moment I met her it was obvious how passionate she is for cats and she really does have a way with them. She gave me clear action steps and techniques to help with the behavioural issues, and checked in with me every few days to see how we were going.

It has not even been a month and we have seen huge improvements in Jasper's behaviour. I am so happy I found Regina, because she has really rescued my relationship with my adorable kitty and we are forming the best bond. Regina not only cares for animals, but is such a gentle and caring soul towards all people. I can't recommend her enough!

Taryn, Bronte. 

Regina from What’s Up Pussycat came to our house to advise us on one of our pussycats, who was weeing all over the house. We did not hold out much hope as we’d had this problem before, in a much loved pussycat who’d lived with us for 17 years before crossing the rainbow bridge. We tried everything with him but the problem was never solved. Regina spent two hours talking to us and observing and playing with our three cats. I don’t want to give away her secrets, so I’ll just say that she gave us several guidelines for dealing with the situation. We saw results almost immediately. It’s three weeks later and the problem has not gone away entirely, but it’s so much better, and improving all the time. We are very hopeful that in time, and with the help of Regina’s treatment, our kitty will grow out of it. I highly recommend her service.

Annarosa, Rozelle. 

​Regina is lovely and knowledgeable. She offers post visit support and clearly has all the felines best interest at heart. She gave us valuable information regarding our 2 foster kittens and also for our resident kitty (14 years old) who was having a little trouble adjusting to the new situation. Wonderful work. 

Tash, Newtown.  

Regina came to our home a couple of months ago when I had the issue of my cat weeing on the carpet at the front door. Regina spent a couple of hours speaking to us and observing Chanel advising us what to do. Amazingly Chanel is like a different cat! We have now moved to another home which Regina advised us once again how to make Chanel's transition easier for her and we did not have any issues with her transition and she has not weed anywhere else other than her litters! I would highly recommend Regina as her work is outstanding!

Nicole, Miranda.

Regina has helped us out tremendously with the integration of our two new Burmese kittens with our 9 year old Burmese male who was very reluctant to change.

Thanks to Regina, the Male (Samson) now not only accepts the kittens but also grooms and plays with them. He now even initiates play time with them!

Thank you Regina. You've helped us out and if there's anyone reading this that needs help with cat behaviours in Sydney, please contact her! We cant recommend Regina enough!!!

J & J, Ashbury

Regina was so helpful when we adopted a 5 year old dog who was obsessed with our 8 year old cat. The cat (Roxy) was stressing out and started weeing in our daughter's bed instead of using her tray and was just really out of sorts (understandably!)

Regina came in and gave us a whole heap of strategies to use to calm Roxy down and help her find her confidence to deal with the really annoying (but very sweet) dog and she stopped weeing in my daughter's bed.

Even after her consultation, Regina would email and text every few days to check in to see how we were all doing which really helped as I had an ally and source of advise when we continued having some incidents along the way.

Now, my dog and cat are starting to co-exist peacefully (albeit a cold peace) but we couldn't have done it without Regina's help and advice.

Sharonne, Maroubra

Just amazing! 😍👏🏼 Thank you Regina for being so understanding and available. Without you coming to help us with our “smelly cat situation” (litter tray issues) there is no doubt we would have gone crazy by now! Little Ethan and our family are furever grateful! ❤️

Kathleen, Grays Point

At the end of April 2017 we decided to adopt two Burmese kittens to add to our family, and we already had a 8 year old Burmese cat called Lily that had increasingly become more and more depressed over the last few years, and more so when we moved house 9 months before we adopted Coco and AJ.  We had been advised by Burmese cat breeders that she was lonely and bringing a kitten would help her.  


We went through the usual introductory period that all owners would encounter when introducing a new cat to the family.  At first Lily was not too happy, but accepted them as her "babies" and would cuddle up with them and groom them, so we were very excited.  Then one night four months into it, Lily tried to attack Coco.  From then on we had to keep the kittens separated from Lily for fear that she was going to attack them.


When I contacted Regina in January 2018, our family was at a very difficult point.  We were having to consider having to re-home the kittens or Lily and we didn't want to have to make that decision.


I found Regina online and sent her an email desperate for help.  She responded the next day despite it being a Sunday and came the next weekend to see how she could help us.  She gave us advice and strategies that we used everyday.  She was amazing and in our family we called her "The Cat Whisperer".  She kept in constant contact with us to see how we were going and give us tips and encouragement. 


Slowly all the cats got on great!  We even went on holidays in April and left them all together with no problems.


Not long after that Lily again tried to attack Coco and we were back to the beginning again.  Again Regina helped with her guidance and advice always emailing and sending messages to see how we are doing and helping with our predicament.  


We found out during this time that Lily also had arthritis in her front paws, which made her grumpier.  We have been able to seek help for her arthritis and her relationship with AJ and Coco has improved.  She's still the boss and let's them know, but they are living together with no real problems now.


We highly recommend Regina to anyone thinking of using her services.  She is a most caring and loving person who genuinely cares for our family and fur-babies always wanting to ensure that we feel comfortable making contact with her for help.  She really cares which is very rare to see, she does not treat this as a job, it is a passion and you can tell she loves what she does.

Peggy, Davidson


I don't know where to begin to tell you how wonderful Regina is - her knowledge of cats & her willingness to share this with you, is amazing. 

When she arrived she sat on the floor & the next thing Oscar is sitting next to her, something he has never done before as he is not very good with strangers - I knew then that he was in the best of hands.  She showed genuine interest in Oscar which won my heart & his, he even rubbed up against her when she was leaving.

I cannot recommend Regina highly enough to anyone who has a problem with their cat. 


Anne, Parramatta


Thank you so much for your help and support helping Lily and Toby with their relationship issues. We know it wouldn't have been possible without you! You have made our entire year! Max calls you a cat angel!

Sarah and Max, Croydon

My cats had a few stressful months with a move to a new house, loss of a family member and a new dog staying at the house. I noticed peeing out the litter tray became the norm and scratching doors every night keeping everyone awake.

I called Regina to come over and assess what was going on in our house and what I could do to help my babies change their behaviour and how to make them happy. I am so glad I did!! All the advice I received I put into place immediately and within a few days I could see changes – happier cats playing, no scratching, and no intentional pee outside the litter tray. Thank you Regina!

Katherine, Caringbah


My partner and I adopted two visually impaired cats one of which is completely blind. We were struggling to get a full nights sleep because our little one, not knowing if it was night or day, would play and meow all night. We tried everything to keep him calm during the night but nothing worked. Thank god we found Regina because she worked her wonderful magic and gave us fantastic advice and ideas. Thanks to her we now get a full nights sleep and our cats sleep calmly until morning. Regina has been so helpful and amazing since the day she came over. She has kept strong contact with us to see how we are all going and kept providing us with useful information. Every time we receive an email or text from Regina we are blown away by how thoughtful she is and her genuine desire to help. Regina was an absolute pleasure to have in our home. She has a beautiful warmth and love for cats. We highly recommend her to anyone that is having troubles with their cats. Thank you Regina!

Richard, KA, Mogwai and Buddha Xxx, Dee Why


I like to call Regina “the Cat Whisperer”. That’s what she did for us. I rang Regina completely at the end of my rope with our one year old kitten who’d just come out of a cage for 4 months after breaking his leg and WOULD NOT stop attacking me. She came over and was so gentle and observant and HELPFUL, I instantly felt better. Regina taught me a lot about cats that I didn’t know and has helped me save my relationship with little Ziggy. She is so knowledgeable and patient and generous with her advice and her time. My fiancé and I are so grateful! I honestly cannot recommend Regina enough.

Courtney and AJ, Mortdale


My partner and I rescued a cat a few years ago and early last year adopted a kitten. I tried the introduction process between the cats by myself without really knowing how to go about things. I had problems with the older cat being aggressive and wasn't sure what to do to ensure the kittens safety other than keeping them apart. It wasn't good for anyone and certainly not a permanent solution. 

I was at the Sydney Dog and Cat Home with a friend and picked up Regina's card. I wasted no time calling and setting up an appointment. Regina came and met the cats, she observed them separately and together and we did a complete re-introduction. It was lengthy and at times very frustrating as the older cat was so very stubborn and seemed determined to thwart any efforts we made to get the cats together. With lots of advice from Regina we achieved what we set out to do! 

Regina demonstrated a professionalism that also was very personable. No questions were too silly and she shared her knowledge and experience which encouraged us to keep trying. Now, we have 2 cats that co-exist which makes all the work worth it. Her wealth of knowledge and patience were the things that got us to where we are now!

Wendy, Bardon Ridge

I met Regina a year ago when I was having behavioural problems with one of my cats, Leo. He was scared of the automatic pet feeder so my other cat Luna was eating it all and gaining weight and poor Leo was missing out.

Regina came over & was so good with them & they liked her right away. She understands cats so incredibly well and clearly loves them. She told me what steps to take & stayed in touch to check how we were going. With her guidance we got Leo eating from the feeder and she also gave me lots of tips about toys, the importance of play and sent me links to useful websites. 

I whole heartedly recommend Regina's services; she is professional, trustworthy and very experienced in all things feline. I am going away for the first time since I got my cats and feel safe leaving them in her capable hands. 

Natalie, Bondi Junction

Thank you Regina. The key lesson to take away from the experience of introducing cats is a lot of patience. Its not a process you can rush. Bella had been an only furbaby for 9 years so that did play on my mind, but thanks to Regina my concerns were eased with an introductory plan. She checked in on us regularly and was happy to answer follow up questions we had. We highly recommend Regina's services A++++

Rebecca and Mick, Sydney

I am extremely grateful to Regina for helping my family with our beautiful cat Munchkin. Munchkin is a 5 year old cat who had the unfortunate behaviour of urinating outside of the litter tray when she experienced stress. After emailing, Regina contacted me to gather further background information and organise a consultation time. Regina provided valuable insight into life from a cats perspective and gave great ideas to assist Munchkin to feel safe and secure during times of stress. I am pleased to say that Munchkin has now been feeling safe and secure during times of stress. 

I would highly recommend Regina to assist with your cat concerns, as she has a professional, personable and caring approach to both cats and people. I was especially impressed with her continued communication to check on how Munchkin is progressing. Thank-you Regina, you have helped Munchkin, our family and our carpet! 


Angela, Richmond

Thank you for your assistance with Poppy and Max's introduction. Your knowledge of cats is amazing and your level of support was much more than we expected.

I encourage anyone who may be needing the services of a behaviourist not to hesitate to get in touch.

Michael, Glebe.

When I adopted 1-year-old Eddy from the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, I had no idea that he had been found as a feral kitten on a building site when he was 6 weeks old. A month after I took him home I contacted his old vet and found out that he had been in 3 homes before I adopted him, plus he had been hit by a car and had a plate put in his leg. Poor little mite! Eddy had been through so much already in his short life so his behaviour at home started to make sense. He was literally “climbing the walls” with his full-on feral energy, and our 12-year-old cat Trevor was not very happy about the newcomer at all. I was at my wits end. Eddy’s behaviour was upsetting not only Trevor, but the whole human family as well. Even though I had totally fallen in love with Eddy I started to think I might have to return him to the shelter, as it seemed Eddy would never fit into our family.

Thankfully I found a business card in my adoption pack for a cat behaviourist – Regina from What’s Up Pussycat. Regina has been absolutely wonderful. As well as giving me techniques to try with the cats Regina has also helped us humans too, with her constant support and encouragement. Over the past 3 months Regina has guided me through the process of introducing a new cat into an established household. Through small “cat steps” we are making good progress. Regina recommended short sessions of positive associations between the cats and to establish a solid routine, which has been working really well. There have been some days when my confidence dipped but then a text message would come through from Regina to see how we were all going. It’s obvious how much Regina cares about the cats and humans she works with.

In the beginning Trevor wouldn't go anywhere near Eddy, but now Eddy and Trevor are having their biscuit treat out of the same bowl, Trevor is initiating play with Eddy, plus there has been more and more nose touching and scent swapping going on between them. Sometimes I doubted we were making any progress, but thanks to Regina’s extensive knowledge of cat behaviour and her constant support I am much more optimistic that eventually we will have a harmonious home with happy cats.

It is now 6 months since we adopted Eddy and thanks to Regina’s continued support and advice, Eddy and Trevor are settling into living life together. At the 3-month mark Regina suggested we incorporate an evening playtime into the routine.  And boy was Eddy excited to be in the loungeroom with Trev and the humans.  However, his energy was way too full-on for Trevor to cope with and the “play” sessions only lasted 5-10 minutes before we had to give Trev a break from the ginger ninja.  But as Eddy became more used to the playtime routine his energy levels eased and one night the most amazing thing happened – Eddy actually fell asleep on the couch in front of the heater, with Trevor asleep opposite!  I could hardly believe it.  Even my partner admitted she never thought she would see it happen.  I couldn’t wait to tell Regina about it the next day and she was so happy for us.  The relationship between Trev and Ed continues to improve, and we can’t thank Regina enough for all her advice and encouragement every cat step of the way.

Melanie, Sydney.           

​Regina from What's Up Pussycat is an absolute gem. We have been using What's Up Pussycat services for at least a year now, from cat sitting to behavioural advice.

Regina's complete dedication to the welfare of animals is truly admirable. Her advice is always sound and the quality of cat sitting she provides enables me to relax when I am away, safe in the knowledge my two cats couldn't be better taken care of. My kitties adore her!

Whatever your cat's needs, Regina's response is compassionate,  thoughtful and kind. I can't recommend this service highly enough. Thanks Regina!

Kristen, Penshurst. 

We've used a couple of different cat-sitters in the past, Regina at What's Up PussyCat was different in that she asked heaps of questions about our cat and her habits, not just what night the bins go out. She really thinks of things from a cat's point of view and how they'd feel with a strange human coming into their home and how to make them as comfortable as possible.

It was so lovely to get pictures of Megs every day while we were away and to see how happy she was and how Regina took the time to smooch and cuddle with her. It made a real difference knowing she was being cared for, not just fed.

Thanks Regina, we definitely recommend you; although Mike says we don't need so much poo detail next time...

Kirsty, Bardwell Valley