Do you need help with your cat's behaviour?
Help with cat behaviour

Our beautiful girl, Karma

Psychology is the study of mental processes and behaviour. By observing cats and their behaviour, we can discover a lot about our feline friends.


It may not seem like it at times, but cats that have behavioural issues are not acting out of spite. In their mind, there is a valid reason for their behaviour. Like humans, cats may face different challenges and needs at different times of their lives and when they do, they need your love, understanding, and possibly your assistance. Luckily, in some instances, the cause of the issue may be obvious and a solution easily found. At other times, it may take a bit more work to uncover the cause of the behaviour and then address it, which is where I can help.


As a cat behaviour consultant, I have formally studied cat psychology and behaviour to obtain my qualifications and have been successfully helping cats with behavioural issues since 2015 (awarded 'Distinction' on my Advanced Feline Behaviour Diploma by International Society Animal Professionals; my initial study was a Certificate for Cat Training and Psychology and many other certificates on various specific cat related topics).


In my experience, the best way to help your cat is by using positive science-based, force-free and emotionally intelligent techniques and strategies. Using physical punishment, fear or intimidation methods will only increase any anxiety your cat might be experiencing and can make the issue worse. It can also have a negative impact on your relationship with your cat, which I'm sure is the last thing you want! 

Our gorgeous girls, Karma and Star enjoying a snuggle

Amber & Onyx tails entwined on floor.jpg

Our newest adorable feline family members are stunning siblings Amber and Onyx.